Hey! I'm so glad you're here. I'm Christi, a birth and family photographer living in Lynchburg, Virginia. I wasn't raised in Virginia, but this is the place my husband and our three children call home. It's where I became a graduate, a wife and above all, a mother. I'm honored to be able to serve the community that has served me so well. We're so fortunate to have an informed and supportive birth culture here and I'm truly grateful to be a small part of that. 

I love chocolate, iced coffee, and anything with melty cheese. I have a bad habit of binge watching Netflix shows when I'm stressed. I'm a little bit awkward and very much an introvert, but I treasure the connection that I build with my clients. I believe that photography is about more than just digital files. Photography is about creating tangible reminders  it makes me feel giddy when I see my work in the homes of my clients, knowing that they will treasure those memories for years to come.

 Photo by Liz Cook | www.liz-cook.com