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Feel free to include information about other children, or pets, as well as any information you want to share about your journey to parenthood.
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How far along were you when you delivered? How many hours were you in labor? Were you induced? Did you have a C-section? Did you use pain medications? Were there any other interventions necessary for you or baby? Feel free to be as detailed as you like!
Please include names and their relationship to you/baby.
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If not, please make sure that your care provider is aware that you will have a birth photographer in attendance at your birth.
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If something happens and you are transferred (either from home to hospital or from one hospital to another), what would you like for me to do?
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Would it be ok to post non-identifying posts or labor updates on social media during or soon after birth?
For example, I might post an Instagram story of a birth detail saying that I'm at a birth! It would never include faces or details that might give away whose birth I was at.
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If you answered that I could share photos in the question above.
I am a part of a private and exclusive social media group for birth photographers where we often share photos asking for editing help, image critique, or just to share difficult or exciting details about a birth with other people who get it. Are you ok with me sharing photos in this group?
Are you interested in any other types of sessions?
Please check all that apply. I offer a discount when multiple sessions are booked at the same time!