Newborn Photo Session at Home - Lynchburg, Virginia

There aren’t many things in life as sweet as a sleepy, snuggly, itty bitty baby. I love spending a few hours with families documenting those early days with newborns. There are so many little details to capture, little features you never want to forget; that solitary curl in their hair, that little bit of lanugo left on their shoulder, the sweetest little ears, and those itty bitty baby toes.

One of the most convenient things about lifestyle newborn sessions at home is that timing isn’t nearly as important as it is with posed newborn sessions. Typically posed newborn sessions need to be done in the first 10-14 days after baby is born to ensure that they sleep through all of the posing. Unfortunately, this sweet family caught a bug just before their newborn session, and I had to leave for my brother-in-law’s wedding the next day. By the time I came back, babe was almost 4 weeks old and probably wouldn’t have been very cooperative if I needed to do a lot of posing, but since he was in mom and dad’s arms for most of the session, he did just fine!