Magical Snowy Mini Maternity Session

I never felt more positive about my body than I did when I was pregnant. Something about knowing that I was carrying a whole human inside of me made me feel empowered and beautiful, and my normal insecurities just sort of faded away. But I know not everyone feels that about their pregnant bodies. Pregnancy comes with so many changes — physical, mental, hormonal, emotional. It can be so taxing on your body, and on your mental health. You might feel like you’re not yourself anymore. You may feel more vulnerable than ever before. And that’s okay.

My hope for every person who does a maternity session with me is that they are able, for even just a moment, to see their strength, their power, their beauty. You are doing an amazing, beautiful thing. Your body is powerful. Sometimes posing for photos can feel awkward, but I hope that when you see your images, you see yourself the way I saw you when I was photographing you, and that you feel empowered as you approach your birth day.