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7 Ideas for What to Wear in Labor - Tips from your Birth Photographer

Recently, I’ve gotten the same question from several different clients; what should I wear to my birth?! in all honestly, the answer to that question is simple — wear whatever you want, or nothing at all!

A lot of women feel most comfortable in little to no clothing during birth. If you haven’t given birth before and you’re not sure what you’re going to want to wear, or you didn’t have a birth photographer and feel like maybe you should have a different plan for this time, here are a few options to consider.

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How to Prepare for your Fresh 48 Hospital Photo Session

Fresh 48 sessions (I usually call them Hello Baby sessions) are sessions that take place in the hospital while mom and baby are recovering from birth. Usually, Fresh 48 sessions take place in mother-baby in the day or two following birth, but some people who really want those early days documented (but aren't interested in, or can't afford birth photography) will schedule a Golden Hour session, which means that I come to the hospital immediately after baby is born and take photos while you're still in recover in labor & delivery. Due to travel times, Golden Hour sessions are only available to those who deliver at Virginia Baptist Hospital or have a home birth in Lynchburg or just outside of Lynchburg.

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