Viktor - A Fresh 48 Session in the NICU | Virginia Baptist Hospital

I almost missed this one! Viktor's mama was a birth client and I went out of town the weekend before I went on-call for her. Much to my dismay, I got a text message from her the night before I was to come home saying that she was being induced early. I reached out to my backup right away, but I was absolutely devastated that I was going to miss it. I spent the entire train ride home texting back and forth with her husband and midwife and crossing my fingers that the induction would be slow and that I would make it. Labor started speeding up just as we were pulling into the Lynchburg train station so we sprinted to the van with the kids, sped to the hospital, and got there just in time.. for things to slow back down for a few hours. It was a beautiful birth and I'm so glad I was able to be there to document it!

Viktor had a few complications following his birth and had to be taken to the NICU pretty quickly after the birth, so I didn't get many photos of him after delivery. I visited them in the NICU a few days later and was lucky enough to be there to see his first latch! His mom had been pumping away for him to make sure he got all the colostrum he needed, she hadn't gotten the go ahead to nurse him yet. Viktor didn't seem to care much about NICU rules though, because as soon as we started taking skin-to-skin pictures, he dove to the side, started rooting, and latched right on with no help needed. It was such a sweet moment!